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Desires to design is an immensely creative way of teaching children self expression. Each child is unique and this workshop not only embraces that b

Creative Expression

Rohan had joined the "Creative Expressions" workshop and I loved the concept. Desires to Design team gave the children freedom to express themselves

My Impressions

As a child I was very shy and I wish I had some kind of help. I put my children in the workshop to give them that opportunity and I am glad I did. M

My first speech

The ability to communicate effectively is a required tool for any age group. Public Speaking is a talent and also can be developed skill where childre


Creative Drama & Public Speaking Workshop


Desires to Design : Programs

KinderPrimes Program (Age 4 to Age 6)

Our KinderPrimes program is an excellent way to introduce the long-term benefits of dramatic arts participation and public speaking to young children. The program ensures that all children are actively involved in the creative drama activities, games and learn to express themselves in front of others. The instructor weaves creative drama, storytelling, games and communication skills in each class. We make sure that all students are comfortable and recognized in the class.

PrimeKids Program (Age 7 to Age 10)

Our Primekids program focuses deeper on students’ self expression skills. The creative drama and public speaking themes become more advanced at this level. The program involves students in creative drama and presentations where children are made to interact with peers in and out of character; it allows them to work on problem solving, by themselves, or as a team. This builds their communication skills as well. New scenes and activities are held in each class.

TweenTeens Program (Age 11 to Age 14)

The confident, articulate child finds it easier to make friends, accept new challenges and explore new directions. The TweenTeens program for children ages 11-14 is designed to help each child achieve these invaluable life skills. The creative drama and public speaking themes become more advanced at this level. Students in our TweenTeens program participate in a wide range of creative activities including speech, creative drama with a cause, improvisation, snippets and scene starters.

Summer and Holiday Camps:

When school is out – Desires to Design opens its door to extra FUN! We offer different week long programs that are run on half day and full day schedules. Check back for info.

Creative Writing:

Creative writing is an art of writing that involves more than putting words together to form sentences. It involves a series of planned situations and activities that gradually lead to independent writing. From as early as preschool, a child's writing begins to take shape as he learns to interpret print. As he grows, his understanding of that print is translated into a greater command of the language. Essentially, with practice and guidance his writing unfolds as a more personal stamp.

We offer creative writing to children until middle school. We teach creative writing with Six traits, prompts and graphic organizers.

Why Desires to Design?

What a beautiful combination creative drama and public speaking is! They support each other in a way that the child uses the skills learned from one to help him in the other. Creative drama focuses on enhancing free and creative expression and public speaking encourages control over voice, speech, expression and stance. In spite of the seeming paradox, both creative drama and public speaking go hand in hand to develop confidence, creative expression and imagination in a child.

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